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Do you face any problem like these?

How to add funds in account?
Purchase recharge card or pay with credit card.

Does your IP phone work with Cable TV internet?
Yes, all our IP phones are working DSL.

Does your IP phone work dial-up internet?
Yes, all our IP phones are known to work with dial-up.

Why I here myself or there is echo?
Echo come if you use loudspeakers; use a good headset or handset.

Why breaking sound and cracks?
Local bandwidth problem or your PC is downloading files or other heavy load.

Why I cannot call anyone?
Check that you have enough credit in your account.

If not and you need more help send an e-mail to

For any help of using Web phone, soft phone, Prepaid card and Callback.

For questions about products.

For questions regarding prices and payments.

General questions.

Phone: +358 (0)9-2905 0088
IP Phone: 2002


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